English Hay Rake

Wooden hay rakes have been used since the earliest days of agriculture and are still used throughout the world in traditional farming systems. They vary in design from region to region and according to the makers creative whim. England still produces thousands of wooden rakes each year for use on farms, golf courses, gardens, public parks or for rustic displays. The predominant style in England has a hardwood handle split and steam bent into a Y shape and that is the style of this rake crafted by hand with drawknife, spokeshave, shaving horse, hand plane, brace and bit and tine cutter and mallet.

The handle and head are of Canterbury grown European ash and the teeth are made of cherry wood (from a tree formerly growing in the Wizard of NZ's Oamaru garden!) The rivet is a copper boat nail and rove. In the hay field the friction of hand and hay would eventually impart a beautiful shiny patina to the wood and the rakes finish of oil and bees wax polish imitates this.

The rake is manufactured by me to be robust and useable and I can replace tines if they get broken while being put to hearty use in your garden or field.

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