Log Carrier

The Shakers were one of the Christian sects that established in America in the 1700s. Their creed required sexual abstinence and as a result they died out by the late 20th century having left a wonderful tradition of craft design, especially for building and furniture. They eschewed frippery in design believing that God preferred simplicity, but they revelled in the joy of good work. The traditional log carrier exemplifies this with the perfect combination of functionality and beauty with no unecessary extras. You can see how this type of design philosophy had its effect on 20th century style as the over-design of the 19th century was slowly replaced by modern cleaness of line.

My log carrier is made of Canterbury-grown European ash. The handle is steam bent and crafted with draw knife, spokeshave, shaving horse, hand plane and brace and bit. The round spacers were turned on the foot operated pole lathe. It is oiled and finished with bees wax polish.

The carrier is perfect for carrying split fire wood stacked compactly in it to sit conveniently and attractively by the fireside. (A trug for kindling is the perfect companion for it!)

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