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What exactly is a coppice?

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Garden Trugs - Trugs are my core business.


Trugs, as you probably know, are the perfect garden carry-all from berry picking for one or two, through to a garden vegetable harvest for the whole family.

From $50.00 for the smaller trugs through to $120.00
for the larger ones I make trugs to suit your needs.
(and for any gardener a trug is a perfect gift.)

Please note: Currently I am developing two intermediary trug sizes to make size selection even more precise, this means you will be able to purchase the perfectly sized trug for your needs (or as a gift) Direct from me.


Click this image to go to my trugs page - this will show you all the trug sizes I make


I also make Rakes, Forks, Shovels, Brooms and Log Carriers


I hand craft these items in the old style, using the materials originally used (where ever possible)
If that means a grain shovel is hewn from a single piece of timber - then that is what I do.

From $65.00 for a Besom Broom (the witches classic) through to $220.00 for a Grain Shovel, firstly hewn, and then finished from a single piece of timber.

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