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What exactly is a coppice?

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Tools of the trade

BBonShavinghrseThe tools that I use have been the basis of wood working for millennia.

My most used device is the shaving horse, a simple wooden vice that allows one to sit down on the job. A sharp draw knife is the main tool used for shaping wooden components (such as rake handles and heads). Spokeshaves are useful for finishing off. Most of my wood is worked on while green or only slightly seasoned and larger logs are split with a maul and wedges. These split billets can be shaped with a side axe or sawn to shape with hand saws. I avoid the use of power tools to make the workshop a more pleasant place to be. Green wood has the advantage of being softer to work than seasoned wood as well as producing little dust.

Outside the workshop the pole lathe is set up. This ancient device is operated simply with the power of a springy pole and a human foot and is a safe and gentle way to turn wood.

Saplings are split with the aid of a iron froe and a splitting frame called a brake.
A wooden steam box softens wood to make rake hoops and to bend forks.
Linseed oil and bees wax are applied to wooden products for non-toxic and pleasant smelling finishes.

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