Hello and welcome to Coppice Crafts
My name is Bill Blair and I have worked as a traditional wood craftsman since 1997. Under the name Coppice Crafts I have laboured happily away for these past years with hand tools such as draw knives and side axes to produce useful items such as trug baskets, wooden hay rakes and wooden pitch forks.

I live in the delightful seaside village of Kakanui just 10 kms south of Oamaru. In Oamaru I have been active in the heritage movement that has refurbished the fabulous collection of nineteenth century buildings of the old town and most days I am to be found working in my rustic workshop in the old Harbour Board worksheds. These sheds are now known as the Red Sheds and are located in the harbour area by the Little Blue Penguin colony - in fact most of the time we have penguins nesting in dark corners or under the floor boards.

You can visit me to see how I work and also buy my trugs and other products on site. Alternatively you can phone, write or email me and I will package and courier you any product. If you are traveling I can send your item to your home address at a prearranged time, so it arrives when you are home, with no need to carry it with you.

If you are coming from out of town to visit it is a good idea to contact me prior so that I can make sure I am in the workshop and not out by the river collecting willow or some other pleasant errand.

I look forward to hearing from you.         



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